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About ‘Black & White’

" 'Black & White' is Larry's most exciting and electrifying cd yet!"


“Treasure” is a fun pop song from Bruno Mars that I liked the very first time I heard it. The sound reminded me of 70’s Bubble Gum music that I grew up listening to and loved so much. When I made the decision to record “Treasure”, I chose to do a more sophisticated version. The addition of horns, me playing drums live, and my scat singing really brought an exciting and polished flavor to the track.


“Ordinary” is a great love song that is originally recorded by Wayne Brady. Yeah, the host of “Let’s Make A Deal” and “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”. I often sing in my live shows, but I have never recorded a vocal outside of scat-singing. So for my first studio vocal, I decided to record “Ordinary”. “Ordinary” appealed to me because of its simple message about enjoying the company of someone you love.

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Moves Like Jagger

The first time I heard “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5, I thought it was new. My son, who was 13 at the time, laughed and said “the song is almost as old as you dad!” The song had been released for 2 years. I never felt so old and out of touch. Although audiences are accustomed to hearing electric guitars in up-tempo music, the acoustic guitar was a perfect fit. This is the first time I ever used scat singing with an acoustic guitar. It really brought a surprising energy that made for an electrifying track.


“Violet” is a very special and personal song for me. It is special in that it is the very first song I ever wrote (many, many years ago), and personal because it was written as tribute to the passing of my close friend, Violet. My fondest memory of Violet is that she was always listening to love songs. So as tribute to her, rather than writing a melancholy piece, I wrote a romantic love song. I hope you enjoy it.

Last Night
‘Last Night’ began with me setting up a romantic evening for me and my lady. I put a playlist together to have some fun and romantic music in the background. I noticed that all of the music was from the 70’s and 80’s. It seems as though songs that simply say “I Love You” went out of style. I put together a track and had it play throughout the evening. After a very successful romantic evening (smiling), the next day I finished the song!

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